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Homeowner Insurance

from SNA Insurance

Homeowner Insurance

If you are a homeowner, your home is probably your greatest asset. And if you rent, your belongings may be worth tens of thousands or more--also your most valuable property. Don’t risk losing them without compensation to theft, fire, windstorm, or another event that could be covered by homeowner insurance.

Homeowner insurance doesn’t just let you recoup the financial loss of your house or property; it can also provide protection when someone is injured on your property and wins a legal claim against you. Other common uses for homeowner insurance include:

  • If your home or property is vandalized
  • When your belongings ruined by smoke or some water damage
  • If there is damage to your roof or building structure due to hail or falling objects

Homeowner insurance may also cover the cost of you having to live elsewhere if your home is too damaged for you to live in it, often up to 24 months while you or your landlord do repairs or rebuilding. That’s a considerable expense to shoulder on your own if you have to be out of your house. Could you afford that without insurance coverage? What would not being able to live in your house mean for your family?

Think about all the items in your home that would be costly to lose: your electronics, appliances, clothing, furniture, recreational equipment, kids stuff, and housewares, for example. All of these would be covered by homeowner insurance in the event of their loss.

Whether you own a home or condo, rent your place of residence, or are a landlord with tenants renting your home, contact SNA Insurance today at 502-243-2234, or feel free to get in touch online, to discuss your property insurance needs. We can build the right homeowner insurance policy for you, including extra protection for jewelry, collectibles, art, and antiques.

Not sure how much coverage you’ll need? Make a list of all your belongings and take photos or video footage of your home. This will give our independent agent a good idea of what size policy you need. You want to make sure everything that is precious to you is covered.

You can adjust your premium by changing your deductible--the amount you pay before your homeowner insurance policy takes over in the event of a claim. Typically a higher deductible means a lower premium payment in return.

We can also add an umbrella policy for additional coverage, such as if your dog were to bite someone while at your home.

Don’t wait to take care of your treasured property. Give us a call today for the personal attention homeowners and renters appreciate in Crestwood. Our independent insurance agents are waiting to put together the perfect homeowner insurance policy for you.