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Sports and Leisure Insurance

Sports and Leisure Insurance

In our litigious business and social climate, sports and leisure activities can leave owners and organizers open to financial and legal risk for any number of reasons. We offer sports and leisure insurance to protect groups and events such as:

  • Teams and sports leagues
  • Camps
  • Sports and leisure associations
  • Runs, walks, and other short-term events
  • Wilderness and nature outfitters
  • Event venues
  • Sports facilities

Why would your organization or event need specialized insurance? Each situation is unique, but some common reasons include:

  • An event you are hosting is canceled
  • Faulty equipment causes injury or loss of life
  • An employee becomes hurt or disabled on the job
  • Theft or vandalism causes loss or damage of property
  • Your facility becomes damaged during a storm, fire, or another natural disaster
  • A visitor has an accident while at your event or on your property
  • A child suffers an injury at your camp or sports clinic
  • You specialize in high-risk activities, like extreme sports

We can put together a custom-made insurance policy for you that includes multiple elements to cover your particular needs, including:

  • General liability insurance
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Umbrella coverage
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Inland marine insurance
  • Prize indemnity insurance

Liability and umbrella coverage protects you from incidents and accidents on your property or at your events. Workers compensation insurance pays for employees who are injured on the job, so you don’t have to dig into your savings while they’re out of work or recovering from an injury. Vehicle insurance is like your personal auto insurance, covering vehicles owned by your business or used at your events.

There are numerous other types of insurance you may want to add to your policy. As independent insurance agents, we have access to hundreds of different plans and products that we can assemble for the perfect package for you. Don’t leave your business or sports organization open to legal and financial risk by not having the right insurance to protect you for unplanned incidents.

Call SNA Insurance at 502-243-2234 or contact us online to discuss your needs and get a customized quote. We provide insurance for many types of business in the Crestwood area, and we can make sure your sports and leisure insurance coverage meets all your unique requirements.