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Contractor Insurance

from SNA Insurance

Contractors Insurance

Contractors are usually small businesses that have specific and unique insurance needs. You want to make sure you are protected from incidents or legal judgments that could put you out of business. Your insurance requirements depend on the type of work you do and whether or not you have employees, but you can find coverage with us no matter what your situation.

If you or one of your workers has an accident, if the equipment you need to work is stolen, if your vehicle is damaged, or if a client were to have an injury due to your negligence, contractors insurance may cover the expense, so you don’t lose your business or personal assets.

Some communities or clients require that contractors have the proper insurance before they will allow them to perform any work. It can give your customers great peace of mind when you tell them you are covered for contingencies they may be worried about, and it tells them your contracting business is prepared and professional.

Contractors' insurance covers many different contracting ventures, such as:

  • Home builders and remodelers
  • Handymen and carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Welders
  • Flooring installers
  • Roofers
  • Painters
  • Masons
  • Landscapers and hardscapers
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals
  • Cleaning services
  • Swimming pool maintenance services

Elements of contractors' insurance vary, just like for other types of businesses, based on your geographic location, services, and risk. Contractors' insurance may include:

  • Workers' compensation insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Surety bonds
  • Business property coverage
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Inland marine insurance
  • Identity theft protection or data loss insurance
  • Additional insured policies
  • Business owners policy

When you work with us, we tailor a contractors' insurance policy for you that takes all your unique needs into account, as well as laws specific to your location. We’ll ask about the size of your business, what you stand to lose in various situations (emergencies you may not have thought about), and if you’ve ever filed any past insurance claims. We also want to know about your plans for the future of your business, so we can grow with you and update any policies accordingly.

Contact SNA Insurance at 502-243-2234 or get in touch online to find out more about how the right contractors' insurance policy can protect your business. We serve many contractors in the Crestwood area. Our independent agents want to give you the coverage you need, so you can put your time and energy into serving your clients and building your contracting business the way you’ve always dreamed.