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Business Insurance

from SNA Insurance

Business Insurance

If you are a business owner, you can’t afford to lose time and money due to liability, property damage, or other threats to your revenue. A business insurance policy tailored to your unique business needs can make sure you’re covered for a variety of situations, including:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Employee injury or death
  • Legal fees or settlements
  • Building and site damage or loss
  • Loss of documents, tools, equipment, and other assets
  • Business vehicle damage, theft, or loss

At SNA Insurance our independent insurance agents work with business owners in the Crestwood area to build policies that work for their one-of-a-kind needs, incorporating general liability, commercial property insurance, business auto insurance, commercial umbrella insurance, workers compensation insurance, and bonds.

Every business insurance policy is different based on the company’s situation and makeup. Factors that affect your policy are:

  • Location
  • Industry and amount of risk involved
  • Number of employees
  • Size of your payroll
  • Number and type of business vehicles owned
  • State laws regarding workers compensation and other types of insurance
  • Property specifics and assets
  • Past business insurance claims
  • Workplace safety mitigation and employee training
  • Other desired property insurance, such as flood or earthquake insurance
  • Necessary employee insurance, like unemployment and disability insurance
  • Plans for expansion or growth

Did you know that nearly half of all small businesses in the US that are forced to close due to a natural disaster never reopen again because of the unplanned expense that winds up getting paid out of pocket? These businesses simply can’t afford to rebuild or replace their equipment and other items necessary to operate without insurance coverage. We don’t want that to happen to you.

Nor do we want you to lose your assets or even have to close your doors due to lawsuits if an employee is injured or even dies on the job. You want to protect all that you’ve worked so hard for, as well as other employees who depend on you for their livelihoods.

Contact us today at 502-243-2234 or reach out online to set up an appointment. We’ll customize an insurance policy that covers your business, so you can put your energy into building your future and watching your company grow.