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Auto Insurance

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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required in all but two states in the US, and with good reason. Depending on the range of coverage you select, auto insurance serves multiple purposes:

  • It reimburses you if your car is damaged in a collision (collision insurance), stolen, vandalized, or damaged by natural disasters like floods, fires, or hurricanes (comprehensive insurance).
  • It covers medical expenses for you and your passengers if you are in an accident, regardless of who is at fault (no-fault liability insurance).
  • It pays for medical expenses for pedestrians or those driving another vehicle if you are at fault in an accident (liability insurance).
  • It reimburses others for property damage you cause with your vehicle (liability insurance).

Many policies also cover loss of life and legal expenses.

Even in states where insurance is not required, drivers are responsible for any liability they incur, and it’s nearly impossible to get financing on an automobile without showing proof of insurance. Lenders want to know that until a vehicle is paid off, you have coverage in the event of an accident or injury to another party.

With collision and comprehensive insurance, policyholders typically pay a deductible when they file a claim, after which the auto insurance policy kicks in to cover the rest of the expense, whether that’s repairs or replacement. Generally, the higher the deductible you pay, the lower the cost of your insurance premiums.

In addition to protecting you in the event of a catastrophic accident, auto insurance can help you get back to normal again after damage to your car. If you depend on your vehicle for work, school, or other daily needs, you want to be able to get repairs accomplished quickly and efficiently. The right auto policy can make the process go more smoothly, so you’re on the road as soon as possible with a minimum of bother to you.

To discuss what kind of auto insurance coverage is best for your vehicle and individual situation, contact SNA Insurance at 502-243-2234 or get in touch online. As independent insurance agents in Crestwood, we’ll be able to get you the coverage you need, so you can drive with peace of mind, meet your state’s liability requirements, and apply for financing for automotive purchases.